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Lanthome Pore Control Refining Serum

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Lanthome Pore Control Refining Serum

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Are you sick of moisture loss, oily skin, acne, or sun damage? Or are you just tired of your skin looking like polka dots in the mirror in selfies? 

Reduce the appearance and minimize your pores with the Pore Control Cleansing Serum, the safest and most effective pore minimizing serum for you!

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Gian, 23, loves her new blemish-free skin. Because her pores are closed, she no longer has to worry about pimples and oily skin!

-” I hate having wide, open pores; I get acne a lot. However, I’m so happy that my pores are smaller now. It’s all clear! Because of the less oil, my skin feels less greasy but not dry at all! It's amazing!”

Fatima now has closed pores which helped her regain skin moisture. Now, she doesn’t have to suffer from dry and itchy skin.

-” I’m so happy my pores closed off or at least became smaller. My skin doesn’t dry up quickly anymore and I don’t have to endlessly retouch moisturizers anymore! Now, my pores closed up and my skin doesn’t feel dry, dull, and itchy anymore!”


The Pore Control Cleansing Nose Strip contains:

  • Lactic Acid minimizes pores by exfoliating the skin to clear up buildup and congestion. It helps clean your pores to minimize their expanding further. Without dirt buildup, the pore can resize and shrink. Lactic Acid is perfect for all skin types, but most especially for those with sensitive skin.
  • Red Clover minimizes pores to prevent oil overexcretion and loss of skin elasticity. It increases pore contraction, which mitigates the loss of skin elasticity.
  • Hyaluronic Acid helps boost moisture and decreases aging. This is a perfect ingredient for people with both dry and oily skin types.   


  • Pore Minimizing- You can shrink your pores with the Pore Cleansing Serum!
  • Oil Control- Regain oil level equilibrium with the Pore Control Cleansing Serum! 
  • Cleansing- The Pore Control Cleansing Serum helps clear pores to prevent dirt buildup. 
  • Pore Constricting-  You can help reduce pore appearance because it aids your pores' natural construction.
  • Deep Acting- The serum seeps within the deeper layers of the skin which targets skin blemishes from within.
  • Gentle- The Pore Control Cleansing Serum is suitable for all skin types.


  • Thoroughly wash and dry your face.
  • Use toner.
  • Apply an ample amount of product onto your skin, focus on the problem area(s)
  • Use twice daily.
  • Do not use bleeding, open, and damaged skin.
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • For external use only.


Ingredients: Other, Lactic Acid, Red Cover, Hyaluronic Acid

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Cosmetic  Efficacy: Pore minimizing, nourishing, oil control


1X Pore Control Cleansing Serum


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