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Lymphatic Detox Patch

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Lymphatic Detox Patch

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Lymph Nodes play a role against pathogenic infection. It traps bacteria and other harmful foreign agents before they could infect healthy cells or inflict damage to other body parts. Lymph nodes are commonly found under your chin, armpits, and groin. Infection in the lymph nodes causes these parts to swell.

If you’re experiencing swelling around your lymph nodes, then we have the right product for you! Introducing the  Lymphatic Detox Patch, the best, non-invasive, and safe detox patch for you. It is dermatologically tested and FDA approved!

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Eloise, 54, has been noticing an odd lump on her armpits. After visiting the doctor, that off lump happens to be a swollen lymph node! Her doctor recommended Lymphatic Detox Patch! Two weeks later, her underarm is swell-free!

-” I’m always so paranoid with my health, especially at my age. My doctor recommended the Lymphatic Detox Patch and two weeks later, the swelling completely disappeared. The patches aren’t difficult to use; it’s actually very easy to apply and it doesn’t hurt when you remove them!  I let it sit for the entire day and it doesn’t bother me at all. When you put it, you won’t even know it’s there! All in all, this is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

Harriet, 30, has been using Lymphatic Detox Patch for her swollen lymph nodes. Now, she’s on her way to a happier and healthier life.  Here’s what she has to say after trying it out!

-” I went to the doctor to ask about the lumps on my armpit and neck. My doctor said those were swollen lymph nodes and recommended the Lymphatic Detox Patch. Two weeks later, the swelling on my neck and pits! It’s so amazing and effective, and not to mention fast-acting as well. It didn’t hurt at all when I removed or applied the patch! It’s so thin and sleek to the point you won’t notice you have it on until you touch it. The patch itself is breathable and it doesn’t fall off no matter how much I sweat. If you want a fast and effective way to get rid of lymph node swelling, then it’s this one!”


Nature is the best apothecary; the Lymphatic Detox patch is made from natural ingredients that are beneficial to the lymphatic system.  The Lymphatic Detox Patch contains a mixture of herbs and spices such as:


Ginger aids with flushing out the lymphatic system. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling.



Turmeric stimulates the lymphatic system and reduces toxicity buildup that leads to swelling. It supports bile and mucus production which is important for flushing out toxins, heavy metals, parasites, fungi, and other pathogens.


  • Reduces Lymph Node Swelling- The Lymphatic Detox Patch eliminates swollen lymph nodes.
  • Non-Invasive- The Lymphatic Detox Patch does not need to be ingested and/or injected to take effect. Simply stick the patch and let it sit for 12 or more hours. 
  • Strong Adhesive- Worry not about the patch falling off. Its strong adhesion to the skin makes it impossible for the patch to fall off even in rigorous activities. 
  • Thin and Breathable-  The Lymphatic Detox Patch allows sweat and moisture to exit the skin, which prevents bacterial buildup. 


Ingredients: Herbal mixture

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Number of Patches per Box: 6 Patches

Patch Size:  13.5 x 11cm


6X Lymphatic Detox Patch 


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